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Mythbuntu 9.10 and RTC wakeup via ACPI

For the wakeup via ACPI to work correctly, the rtc device needs to be left alone during shutdown.
Apparently the hwclock-save service ignores the HWCLOCKACCESS setting in /etc/default/rcS

My fixed /etc/init/hwclock-save service script:

. /etc/default/rcS
[ "$UTC" = "yes" ] && tz="--utc" || tz="--localtime"
[ "$BADYEAR" = "yes" ] && badyear="--badyear"
if [ "$HWCLOCKACCESS" != "no" ]; then
exec hwclock --rtc=/dev/rtc0 --systohc $tz --noadjfile $badyear
end script

Mythbuntu 9.10 and technisat multytenne

I guess it is finally time to have the diseqc switch of my technisat multytenne working properly.

However it did not at first. After much googling I found the solution.

Finally all is well.

MythTV and DVB-S2 card with a Technisat Multytenne dish

My Hauppage HVR-4000 arrived just before the weekend.
The online store,, I bought it from has been really punctual in the follow-up and delivery so kudos to them!
I suspected this weekend will not get me much sunlight...

Anyway saturday morning I launched myself in the installation of the HVR-4000.

Before the actual insertion of the card Mythbuntu needs to be upgraded.
Upgrade mythbuntu 8.10: 'update-manager -d' should offer you an upgrade path to 'jaunty'. This is necessary since we want to use the new S2API in the 2.6.28 kernel to enable DVB-S2.


Upgrade to Mythbuntu

I took a shot at installing Mythbuntu over a working but dead-end custom Debian installation. A few helpful remarks:
  • When configuring tv-out during installation I forgot it is normal when getting no signal on the monitor after the reboot of the first installation. So choose recovery boot option and select the option to repair x when given a choice.

tv_grab_be replacement

The site hosting data seemingly disabled access so tv_grab_be could not prune it anymore.
Fortunately, I found this article and in the comments somebody stated a replacement is out!

EDIT: after a couple of months I get this error: Error ....... : TCP 124362R 124356H
After a fair bit of googling I found one other person having the same problem. He reported that it worked allright on another machine. And it did! I have no idea what is causing this.

MythTV system

A friend requested, after some mild persuasion, that I built him a MythTV box.

As chance goes a colleague also went on the MythTV train. He and his friend did some research and hardware choices. This prevented a lot of brainstorming.

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