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AndEngine and Netbeans

AndEngine is a promising looking graphics engine for Android.

Especially as it has support for Box2D for the 2D physics.

Unfortunately there are few explanations to be found on setting it up for the Netbeans IDE in regards to making sure the native library is found.
I spent a good 1/2 day into trying to resolve the dreaded "java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library andenginephysicsbox2dextension not found"


JMixer is a java application for mixing sound files.

It is dependent on the Java Media Framework.

Installation instructions are in the README.txt file in the archive.

This is alpha stage software, it is very very early in its release, so please treat it as such.

Many thanks to the beatroot author for making available his source code!


Silly physics game. :-) It requires you have the java plugin installed in your browser.

  • Try to get your ship into the rectangle! Don't crash on the planets (the big circles...).
  • Use numpad keys 4 and 6 to rotate the ship left and right.
  • Use numpad key 8 to apply forward thrust.
  • To restart or move to next level press 'r'.
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