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Silly physics game. :-) It requires you have the java plugin installed in your browser.

  • Try to get your ship into the rectangle! Don't crash on the planets (the big circles...).
  • Use numpad keys 4 and 6 to rotate the ship left and right.
  • Use numpad key 8 to apply forward thrust.
  • To restart or move to next level press 'r'.

Meeting calculator

Python GUI for a meeting calculator.

Calculate your meeting costs on the fly. :-)

For the attachment, you need to install python and possibly wxpython for this to work.
The Windows version (converted with py2exe) can be downloaded here.

Tested with python v2.6.2 and Windows XP SP3.

Drupal v6 module: vocabulary based action

This drupal module needs taxonomy and trigger enabled.
It lets you define an e-mail template and choose multiple vocabularies.
If a new node is created it will check its taxonomy terms against the chosen vocabularies and send an e-mail if it matches.


Eclipse v3.2 and PHPEclipse v1.1.9 (latest) combination does not work in Ubuntu (intrepid ibex).
You will have to use the previous PHPEclipse version which is v1.1.8.
Find it on the sourceforge download page.

Special note for ubuntu users: remove the openjdk and gij packages and then apt-get sun-java6-jdk !

JPeg image keywords tagger

I have lots of pictures that need to be categorized so I looked into a standard that is used to embed keywords into pictures. Apparently the IPTC standard does that.
This utility was programmed in python and converted to windows exe with py2exe.
It uses this python class to handle the IPTC data of an image.
You can download the windows files here and the bytecode here. Just decompress them somewhere and read the README.txt inside.
The bytecode requires you to download and install wxpython.

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