Electric Scooter

It's been a long time since looking for an electric vehicle that could be practible and feasible and a few months ago I found this:

It looks ideal.

  • tall wheels
  • +100km/h speeds
  • removable batteries
  • 90km range (*)
  • regenerative braking

(*) probably in optimal circumstances, certainly not at highway speeds

A colleague has a V-1 and is quite happy with it. This company is not new to this market and so knows how to make a good product I think.

Bad news:

Wait and see...

Q: Why not a VX-1 then since that model is available now?
A: I live in the city and don't have a garage with an electrical outlet

Q: How are going to charge if you don't have that?
A: this model has removable batteries, you can take them out, carry them home and plug them in in your office/hallway/wherever.

Q: What about charging infrastructure in Belgium?
A: They're working on it:

Q: What charging infrastructure is there now?
A: This look interesting:

Q: Where are the charging points in Brussels for scooters?
A: I don't know, looks like they're only for cars or quads.

Q: How much is it?
A: Unfortunately it will NOT be cheap. I can't say for certain now.

Q: It will probably cost the same as a micro-car!
A: Yes, but an electric micro-car costs LOTS more ;)