Replace cable tv subscription with satellite tv

We want:
- Easily have access to a lot more channels
- Cheaper hardware
- Choice in hardware and subscriptions to different providers
- HD channels
- Recording on mythtv
- TV Vlaanderen provider (unfortunately the only way we can get our local channels).

We do not want:
- Limited channel listings only, one size does not fit all
- Leased hardware
- Expensive subscription
- Dependence on one provider
- Support monopolies which use proprietary dvb (i.e. Belgacom and Telenet).

Some news site issued an article mentioning the release of satellite dish set by TV Vlaanderen which can receive the signal from 4 satellites. This is a so called multi-lnb dish. This is important for us who want to receive the Sky (BBC) channels.

The article mentioned the Technisat Multytenne so this is the one I went for. I searched around a bit and even phoned TV Vlaanderen about it. The gave me a couple references of specialised shops. Very helpful. I visited one shop which gave me a reference to another one, satelec. They had all the required hardware I was looking for and I appreciated the professional advice a total newbie looks forward to hear.
Mounting the satellite dish was easy but pointing it towards the correct satellite was a fair bit of trial and error. I had to buy a 'satfinder'. You can find one in your local electronics shop.

Aligning dish: after reading the manual and learning about the basics I found a really helpful site in helping me find the correct azimuth and elevation numbers.

These are the ones for the Astra 1 19.2E satellite in Brussels, you MUST align the dish to this one:
- Elevation: 30.1 °
- Azimuth: 161,4 ° (magnetic, can be compared against a compass)

Do not forget to program the receiver so LNB1 is used when aligning the dish!

The rest of the numbers aren't really important IMO. My biggest mistake was underestimating the elevation angle. Apparently there is a lot less margin than the azimuth. It is important that you read about the elevation angle offset of your satellite dish! The offset of the multytenne is 30° so the angle is only 30.1° - 30° = 0.1°. So in my case it seems that you do not have to elevate the dish that much. However the satfinder made me elevate the dish slightly higher.
Do not use the multi-lnb satellite list! Those are not for a multytenne dish which has a housing for 4 lnb's, not 4 separate lnb's!

The shopkeeper sold me a DizipiA satellite receiver. Now for a total newbie this is totally confusing because the diseqc settings are differenly specified when comparing the documentation of the dish and the receiver. There are no option/position settings in the receiver.

Like this is always the case the solution is actually quite simple.
Program the receiver as follows:
Astra 1 (19.2E): LNB1
Hotbird (13E): LNB2 (Eutelsat in the dish manual)
Astra 2 (28.2E): LNB4 (curiously 28.5E in the dish manual)
Astra 3A (23.5E): LNB3

Once you align the dish correctly to the Astra 1 satellite the other 3 should automagically be found.

Soon to come: purchase of the DVB-S2 PCI card and its installation and configuration for mythtv.

Here's a photo of it.

Remark: pulling a 35m double shielded RG6 cable from the dish to the receiver apparently posed no signal quality problem. Yay!